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The Progression Of The Pokemon Games
With over 200,000,000 games sold up til 2010, Pokemon is one of the best selling games of all time. Since its creation by Satoshi Taijiri, the game has continuously expanded and remained addictive for the kids who grew up with it and kids who are enjoying it now.

How Anime Addresses Some Common Stereotypes of Japanese Culture and Lifestyles, and How it Contrasts with the Reality of It
You know that Japan is famous when it comes to anime. Nowadays, most cartoons shown on television are the Japanese anime films and films with stereotypes. If you will watch and observe these programs, you will notice that the gestures and acts of some anime characters really match with the culture of Japan. However, you should never forget that anime are still fictions and they do not really reflect the true Japanese people.

Naruto Games
Arcade Rush is a great place for playing online Naruto games There are a handful of such games that will offer a lot of excitement to players

Playing Naruto Games Online For Free
Of all the popular manga series made in Japan, Naruto episodes have managed to gather the largest following The storyline follows the life of a Ninja fighter called Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto Games Online: Naruto Dating Sims Game
Following the popularity of the Naruto anime series all over the world, new and innovative applications have started to make their debut online Such applications include a myriad of free online games developed in the flash platform recently acquired by adobe

Naruto Shippoden : Episodes one up to 3
There are literally tons upon hundreds of Japoneses anime to be enjoyed, all across different styles and hence serving different tastes. Anime is definitely treasured by all kinds of persons with different cultural backgrounds in the world. Yet, there are a select few that become so popular that they end up being translated into English (either subbed, dubbed or both) and released in English speaking countries.

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